Home Network Rewire

Residential Network Rewire

The picture below illustrates the network wiring in a residence before we were called in. The network cables comprise the bundle of blue wires to the left of the white metal box.  Also notice that the cables had to be extended and that the Cisco network switch is mounted to the wall.  Whenever the home owner had network issues, troubleshooting this rats-nest of wires was a nightmare.

We installed network punch on blocks and terminated the network cables from the rooms to the blocks.  From the blocks, we ran RJ45 patch cables to the Cisco switch which was installed into a Middle Atlantic rack.

As you can see from the picture below (the network cabling is in the center of the picture), the network wiring is neat and orderly and if there are any issues with the wiring, it can easily be tracked down.  However, since all the wires are permanently punched down, there is very little chance of any issues.